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 Ignite Plus Sparking Enhancement
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The SNAZE Sparking Enhancement System provided the spark plus stable and continuous fast recharge electric power to trigger the ideal combustion in the cylinder. Hence the efficiency can be recovered; naturally the Engine output can be increased.
 Dimension 11.5 x 8.1 x 5.9 (L x W x H) Product warranty: One year warrantee.

All the electric power was provided by the automobile generator, however, no matter the power system decay or overloaded by the aftermarket part like Hi power Stereo system, Navigator System or HID…etc. will cause unstable power supply.

The weak spark by insufficient power cannot perform an ideal combustion, then horsepower losing and carbon deposit. As every knows the carbon deposit cause knocking, it damages engine gradually. The worst of all is the high CO and HC exhaust pollutes air. In addition high engine rpm requests fast charge for ignition system, otherwise, the rotational rate rises slowly.

The SNAZE Sparking Enhancement System not only enhances the electric voltage level, but also stabilizes currency and accelerates power charge. The ignition system will produce strong spark under such electric environment. Consequently the ideal combustion will pump up higher horsepower, reduced air pollution and save fuel.

The principle of SNAZE Sparking Enhancement System is reinforcing power supply fast charge to spark plug, and the power level is acceptable to engine original design. Meantime, another key feature is SNAZE Sparking Enhancement System can avoid the voltage low at critical situation.

Can SNAZE Sparking Enhancement System works with Electronic Stabilizer? The answer is YES!! Actually they can complement each other. The Electronic Stabilizer is offering good quality electric power, and the Sparking Enhancement System is dedicating offering high level and fast charge power to the Ignition system. Collocating SNAZE Power Plus Electronic Stabilizing System and SNAZE Sparking Enhancement System can get even better performance.

  • Most effective
    • Power up Ignition Voltage from 12V to 16-17.8V (programmable)
    • Stable 16V-17.8V (programmable) output
    • Enhance torque output
    • Better acceleration
    • Fuel saving
  • Most safety
    • Digital Voltage controller, No voltage decay
    • Fool-Proofing installation design
    • Programmable overload fusing circuit built-in
  • Most intelligent
    • The only programmable VSD product in the market

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::: Snaze Technology Co., Ltd. - Products - Sparking Enhancement
::: Snaze Technology Co., Ltd. - Products - Sparking Enhancement