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 Intake Plus Knock Detection
The knocking sensor picks up knocking noise by engaging at a suitable point on the engine, then input original sound signal into the control box, after filtered background noise and amplified. Operators can analysis engine running status by the Hi-End Monitor head phones.
 Dimension 11.5 x 8.1 x 5.9 (L x W x H) Product warranty: One year warrantee.

Knocking occurs when fuel in the cylinder is ignited by the firing of the spark plug and smooth burning proceeds but some of the unburned mixture in the combustion chamber explodes before the flame front can reach it, combusting suddenly before the optimum moment of the four-stroke cycle. The resulting shockwave reverberates in the combustion chamber creating a characteristic metallic "pinging" sound.

Detonation can typically be prevented by:
  1. The use of higher octane petrol.
  2. The addition of octane-increasing "lead", isooctane, or other fuel additives.
  3. Reduction of cylinder pressure by increasing the engine revolutions or reducing the load on the engine.
  4. Reduction of in-cylinder temperatures (such as through cooling or compression ratio reduction)
  5. Retardation of spark plug ignition.
  6. Adding water in the form of humidity to the air.
  7. Proper combustion chamber design which concentrates mixture near the spark plug and generates high turbulence to promote fast even burning.
  8. Use of a spark plug of colder heat range in cases where the spark plug insulator has become a source of pre-ignition leading to detonation.

Hi sensitivity portable sound pick
Adjustable controller box
Hi-End Monitor Head-Phone (110 dB)

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::: Snaze Technology Co., Ltd. - Products - Knock Detection
::: Snaze Technology Co., Ltd. - Products - Knock Detection